Warning: This is an old version. The latest stable version is Version 10.0.0.

News for OTAcast

This file lists the major changes between versions. For a more detailed list of every change, see the Git log.


  • tbd


  • Major: Use proper Steinwurf evaluation license v1.1


  • Minor: Added --version option to OTAcast application.
  • Minor: Added --hops option to OTAcast application. This will set the multicast hop limit, i.e. the time-to-live associated with outgoing multicast packets.
  • Patch: Fix time counter in OTAcast client application.


  • Patch: Store the path to the OTAcast tmp file as relative to the state file when saving the state.


  • Minor: Add save/restore functionality to decoder, sink, and client.
  • Major: Made field changeable.


Major: Initial release.